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If you’re thinking about renting your Cabo home or condo to generate some income my suggestion is talk to a local
expert. Properties in Cabo can be renter for short or long terms depending on what you decide to do. Short term rentals are usually charged by the night, week and long term rentals are charged by the month.

In Cabo we have two seasons for rentals, our high season which begins in late October and usually ends sometime in May. Renting your property during the high season will generate more income verses low season. When it comes to rentals there’s more than meets the eye, people that come to Cabo to rent for one night or for a year will request that the property have the basic services, internet, dish or cable TV and in some cases long distance calling. The more amenities you offer with your home the faster it will rent and you may be able to charge a higher rental rate.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking about putting your home on the rental market please contact us, we’ll walk you through this process and help you decide the best way to rent your property.