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Buying Property in Mexico can be confusing if you don't have your facts together, let me put it this way. Cabo is located in a region of Mexico called the "Restricted" zone where foreigners can only acquire full ownership of Real Estate via a Mexican Bank Trust or a legal Mexican document called a Fideicomisio. Once any foreigner acquires property via a Fideicomiso they basically own it fee simple, they can will it, rent it, sell it or tear it to the ground if they so desire. A Fideicomiso works like a living trust, if you live in a country where a living trust is common then you know how this works. The Bank Trust or Fideicomiso has a 50 year term but it automatically renews itself for another 50 years when the first 50 years expire. If your one of those people that has a trust issue with this process you can always buy title insurance as a backup to cover your investment. On the other hand, one of the benefits of owning your Mexican property in a trust is that the trust can be passed to any loved one and that person/s will not have to pay an inheritance tax.

f you're interested in buying your piece of paradise here in beautiful Cabo Mexico and you have questions or doubts on this process, feel free to contact me any time via any of my contact information. We work with a local team of closing attorneys and companies that can answer any question you may have.

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